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Son Chinese Calligraphy Wall Scroll
Son Chinese Calligraphy Wall Scroll

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Chinese Calligraphy Scrolls - Chinese Symbol Art

Original hand-written Chinese calligraphy scrolls, paintings and Chinese symbol wall art acquired directly from talented artists in China. Our buyers visit China regularly to buy new artworks for this website, so visit often to see the New Chinese Calligraphy scrolls, paintings and art supplies available for sale here in our online store.

Be sure to check out the Chinese Calligraphy Scrolls and Calligraphy Paintings we offer featuring hundreds of popular Chinese characters like good fortune, family, Kung Fu and love.

New Chinese Calligraphy Wall Scrolls
Chinese Blessing Symbols Red Calligraphy Scroll
Chinese Blessing Symbols Red Calligraphy Scroll

Hang this in your home or office to bless yourself and all who reside there with good fortune.
Chinese Longevity Symbol Calligraphy Wall Scroll
Chinese Longevity Symbol Calligraphy Wall Scroll
This Chinese calligraphy scroll features the symbol for longevity and an idiom meaning old as a mountain.
Red and Golden Dragon Chinese Calligraphy Scroll
Red and Golden Dragon Chinese Calligraphy Scroll

Chinese wall scroll featuring a pictographic character for dragon, bringing you a lot of good luck and happiness.
New Calligraphy Paintings
Chinese Calligraphy Painting of Kung Fu Master
Chinese Calligraphy Painting of Kung Fu Master

Classy Chinese calligraphy painting of Wu Shi (Kung Fu Master). A display of the spirit of peerless Chinese Kung Fu.
Happiness Chinese Calligraphy Painting
Happiness Chinese Calligraphy Painting

A calligraphy artwork of the symbol for Le, which wishes people happiness all the time.
Family Chinese Calligraphy Painting
Family Chinese Calligraphy Painting

Chinese calligraphy painting of the symbol for family, reminding us of all the love and support a family brings.
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Never Stop Making Yourself Stronger Calligraphy Scroll


Never Stop Making Yourself Stronger Calligraphy Scroll
Hanging this calligraphy scroll in your home or business will remind everyone that they should never stop trying to improve.

The ancient idiom written in Chinese characters on this painting is meant to motivate you to improve all aspects of your being, to grow stronger physically, morally and to never stop learning. Many Chinese people believe you must possess these qualities to be whole, it is not enough to merely be strong, intelligent or honest.

Master Calligraphy Artist

Chinese Calligraphy Artist Zhang Guo Dong - We have added a new artist to this site by the name of Zhang Guo Dong. Master Zhang is the teacher of Xie Tian Hai, another artist featured on this site. View Chinese Calligraphy Videos of Artist Zhang Guo Dong writing calligraphy, including the famous one-stroke dragon symbol.

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  • Chinese Symbol for God Calligraphy Scroll - This wall scroll painting features the symbol for God, and the words God - through - vast - big, which are a popular idiom meaning that God can do anything.
  • Chinese Symbol for Love Calligraphy Scroll - The small words on the Chinese symbol for love calligraphy scroll are a very popular idiom meaning we should be kind to all people. This is just one of many Chinese calligraphy scroll paintings we offer that include an idiom with a positive message.

Chinese Calligraphy Scroll, Paintings and Information

We add new wall art on a regular basis and welcome your suggestions for additions to this site. Please contact us if you would like to see new products related to Chinese calligraphy scrolls, symbols and artworks.

In addition to artworks we offer many other items featuring Chinese characters, browse our website using the links on the top left side of this page or use the search box to find specific items.

About The Chinese Calligraphy Store

The Website is a Division of the American company Dragon Artworks LLC. We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality products at a reasonable price. This site lists Chinese calligraphy wall scrolls, paintings and other wall art created by skilled artists and artisans from China.

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