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Red and Golden Good Fortune Chinese Calligraphy Scroll
Red and Golden Good Fortune Chinese Calligraphy Scroll

Chinese Calligraphy Name Scroll - Extra Large

Suggested Retail: $119.90 - Our Price: $59.95 $38.97

An extra large size Chinese calligraphy name scroll painting allowing you to have your name hand-written in Chinese symbols onto a traditional wall scroll.

This is an extra large Chinese calligraphy name scroll, which is available in different wall scroll colors. Many different wall scroll color and rice paper color combinations are possible for a small extra fee. You may select custom silk colors and paper colors by clicking the options tab and then selecting the desired colors.

Scroll Size: Sizes varies depending on the number of characters in your name as shown below (see detailed images).

  • 15x30 Inches =  1 Character
  • 15x38 Inches =  2 Characters
  • 15x46 Inches =  3 Characters
  • 15x54 Inches = 4-5 Characters

Please Note: Because this is a custom Chinese calligraphy service, the size of your name scroll will vary depending on the number of characters required to write your name in Chinese.

How to Order Your Calligraphy Name Scroll:

  1. Enter the Name/Word
  2. Select a Rice Paper Color
  3. Select a Wall Scroll Color

Additional Custom Options Available:

  1. Rice Paper: Plain white rice paper is listed as "Standard" in the drop down menu. Additional colors of rice paper are available for a small extra fee.  You may select blue, yellow, peach, red or white rice paper, all of these colors include gold flakes.
  2. Scroll Colors: You may choose custom silk colors for a small additional fee, see the additional images to view all of the custom colors that we offer.

    Select "Custom" from the drop down menu to order custom colors, then enter the colors in the comments box during checkout.  Please let us know if you want one color, or two colors.

    You may also call us at our toll-free number to tell us the custom colors you want us to use for your name scroll.
  3. Wood Rods: Wood rods are standard with all sizes. However, we may offer more than one color or style of wood rods, if so you may select a different color or style from the drop-down menu.

If have questions you would like answered before we begin work on your Chinese calligraphy name scroll, please feel free to call our toll-free number listed at the top of this page.

Available Options:

Enter a Name or Word:
Paper Color:
Scroll Color:

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: View Size List Under Item Description Tab
Scroll Color: Select a Color - Some Colors Require Extra Fee
Painting Size: Varies According to the Characters in Name
Rice Paper Color: See Paper Options Menu (Extra Fee)

Created by: Xie Tian Hai
Price: $59.95 $38.97
Number: 1443-xl
Category: Calligraphy Names
Name: Chinese Calligraphy Name Scroll - Extra Large
Availability: In stock! Order now!

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 06 July, 2008.

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