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Never Stop Making Yourself Stronger Calligraphy Scroll

Chinese Couplet Poem Calligraphy Scroll

Suggested Retail: $139.90 - Our Price: $69.95

Hand written in the classic Li Shu style, this is a Chinese couplet poem calligraphy painting that has been mounted onto a traditional wall scroll. It definitely deserves your collection.

The five words on the right side are shi-poem, qing-feeling, qiu-autumn, shui-water, jing-clean.

The left five words are hua-painting, yi-meaning, yuan-far off, shan-mountain, ming-clear.

In this poem, the poet creat a very quiet and leisure atmophere, and the simple but elegant color of the rice paper and the silk border mathces the poem well. I's definitely a good choise for collection.

This couplet poem Chinese calligraphy scroll measures 19x55 inches.

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: 19x55 inches
Rice Paper Color: white
Silk Border Color: white

Created by: Other Artists
Price: $69.95
Number: 3671-ccs
Category: Poem Scrolls
Name: Chinese Couplet Poem Calligraphy Scroll
Availability: In stock! Order now!

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 19 April, 2007.

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