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Chinese Dragon Character Calligraphy Scroll Painting

Chinese Seven Characters Poem Calligraphy Scroll

Suggested Retail: $79.90 - Our Price: $39.95

Chinese calligraphy scroll painting featuring the poem a Farewell to Meng Hao Ran on His Way to YangZhou.

A Chinese calligraphy scroll featuring a poem written by the famous ancient Chinese poet Li Bai. This poem shows how timeless pure thoughts are, friends still miss each other when they part ways.

The Meaning of this Chinese Poem:

You have left me behind, old friend, at the Yellow Crane Terrace,

On your way to visit Yang zhou in the misty month of flowers;

Your sail, a single shadow, becomes one with the blue sky,

Till now I see only the river, on its way to heaven.

This art work was created by Beijing, China artist Xing Chen and is a 100 percent hand painted Chinese calligraphy painting measuring 9x33 inches.

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: 9x33 inches
Rice Paper Color: white
Silk Border Color: white

Created by: Xing Chen
Price: $39.95
Number: 3503-ccs
Category: Poem Scrolls
Name: Chinese Seven Characters Poem Calligraphy Scroll
Availability: In stock! Order now!

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 16 April, 2007.

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Xing Chen
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