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Chinese Symbols for Severe Winter Bamboo Painting

Suggested Retail: $29.90 - Our Price: $14.95

The Severe Winter Bamboo symbol calligraphy painting was painted by Beijing, China artist Xiao Ben Lin.

This calligraphy symbol painting on rice paper features the Chinese calligraphy symbols for Severe Winter Bamboo and measures 13x21 Inches (Will also fit an 8x10 frame). The Severe Winter Bamboo calligraphy symbol painting is ready to be framed by your local frame shop. The Severe Winter Bamboo symbol calligraphy painting was painted by Beijing, China artist Xiao Ben Lin. The symbols for Severe Winter Bamboo calligraphy painting is an excellent example of Chinese calligraphy writing and we are sure you will be pleased with it. Because this artwork is painted on rice paper we recommend it be framed by a professional who is familiar with framing watercolor paintings, but if you are good at working with your hands and wish to do this yourself you can still get great results. The most important consideration is getting the calligraphy painting to lay flat before framing and getting any wrinkles and/or creases out. You can search, another search engine or art Web sites for more information on this topic, we don't provide links to other sites on this topic as we will not be held liable for the information provided by other companies.

Item Size/Details

Created by: Xiao Ben Lin
Price: $14.95
Number: 0882-ccs
Category: Medium Paintings
Name: Chinese Symbols for Severe Winter Bamboo Painting
Availability: In stock! Order now!

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 15 January, 2006.

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Xiao Ben Lin
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