Ancient Chinese Fu or Good Fortune Symbol Scroll

This Chinese calligraphy wall scroll features the ancient Chinese symbol for Fu or Blessing and is sometimes referred to as Good Fortune. The Fu scroll measures approximately 22.5x54 Inches and is made of blue and gold silk brocade with a black wooden scroll rod at the bottom to allow it to hang straight on your wall. This Good Fortune scroll was painted by Beijing, China artist Xiao Ben Lin.

This fine artwork is a great example of Chinese calligraphy and displays the unique style of this artist. The symbol for Good Fortune calligraphy painting was sealed by the artist, Xiao Ben Lin. Seals are the way Chinese artists "sign" their artworks and can be used to identify the artist of a painting.

Chinese artists often affix additional seals on their paintings with meanings of a personal nature, relating to their beliefs, education, teachers or what they love most in life. Artist usually have a large number of these seals available to personalize each painting, or simply to provide balance to a painting. The concept of balance is very important to Chinese artist who always strive to create paintings which are balanced in style, subject, color and form.

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: 22.5x54 Inches
Scroll Color: Blue/Gold Silk
Rice Paper Color: Red
Item Number: 0931

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