Bamboo Handle Chinese Art Brush for Calligraphy

A large Chinese calligraphy brush made with all natural sheep and pony hairs. Perfect for both writing calligraphy and watercolor painting. Large Chinese art brush for calligraphy painting, brushes like this are for writing very large calligraphy symbols on Chinese rice paper, but are often used as Asian theme decor. The bamboo handle of this Chinese art brush is natural bamboo, which makes it not only beautiful but bamboo is a quality material and brushes made with this type of handle have a special look and feel.

The bristles of this Chinese art brush are real animal hair and not synthetic, they produce the brush strokes required to create fine artworks.

Calligraphy Brush Size

PLEASE NOTE: The handle is shorter than shown in the picture. By request we have made the bamboo handle shorter due to feedback from artists who have purchased this brush. The size listed below is correct.

This large bamboo handle brush measures approximately 11.25 inches long (including tip). The tip is 3 1/4 inches long and 1 inch wide. The bristles are made of sheep and pony hairs.

Please Note: The size, style and color of this large calligraphy brush may vary as each of these large brushed is hand made in China of natural materials, which will always vary slightly in appearance.

Item Size/Details

Item Number: a1202

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