Da Mo - Bodhidharma Calligraphy Wall Scroll

Chinese brush painting and calligraphy scroll featuring the image of Da Mo also know as Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism. This wall scroll features the Da Mo or Bodhidharma who was the founder of Zen Buddhism. In Japan Da Mo is known as Bodai Daruma and is sometimes referred to as just Daruma.

The Chinese calligraphy symbols on the right side of this painting mean "Da Mo crossed the Yangtze River" and the other symbols have the meaning "Da Mo crossed the Yangtze River to carry forth Zen Buddhism. He spent nine years gazing at a wall in deep meditation and attained total enlightenment. So fierce was his gaze that the wall still bears the imprint of his gaze."

The Da Mo scroll is made of white silk brocade material, measures 28x70 Inches, and has a black wooden scroll rod at the bottom to allow it to hang straight on your wall.

Da Mo is known by many other names in many different Asian countries, some of these names include; Bodhisattva, Bodhidharma, Bodhitara, P'u-t'i Ta Mo, Ta Mo, Da Mo, Te Mao, Bodai Daruma, Daruma and others depending on the country and language in which his name is spoken.

Da Mo is believed to have brought martial arts to China in a quest to introduce Zen Buddhism. Da Mo created 18 hand and foot positions (18 hands of Buddha) that later evolved into Kung Fu and other martial arts forms. Although some forms of martial arts were apparently being practiced in China before the arrival of Da Mo, many consider him to be the founder of Chinese martial arts.

As a member of an Indian royal family of warriors he would have certainly studied the art of fighting from an early age, and by all accounts he was as good a student of the martial arts as he was of Buddhism. He would eventually become proficient in both disciplines and introduced his version of both to China.

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: 28x70 Inches
Scroll Color: White
Painting Size: 25x50 Inches
Rice Paper Color: White
Item Number: a1635
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