Chinese Blessing Star Symbol Calligraphy Scroll Painting

The large blessing symbol on this Chinese calligraphy scroll painting is written over a poem. The light ink on this Chinese blessing star symbol calligraphy scroll painting is a poem about blessings and longevity, which means blessing you with fortune like the east sea water long running, and longevity like the ageless pine trees of the south mountains.

This Chinese blessing symbol calligraphy scroll is so carefully designed that it has a unique style - it combines a poem, a Chinese character and a human figure together, all of which symbol good fortunes. This Chinese blessing symbol calligraphy scroll painting is the greatest gift for blessing someone with both a long and happy life.
This Chinese Blessing Star symbol calligraphy scroll painting is a very new design of calligraphy. The Chinese artist Li Sheng Xing took a lot time to create the pictographic character and design this beautiful and unique artwork. The first stroke of the blessing symbol is the head of the blessing star Sau. We can see very clear the nose, mouth and very long beard. Blessing Star was the blessing and fortune symbol in ancient Chinese myth and always the same as the Longevity Star.

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: 27x68 Inches
Scroll Color: White Silk
Painting Size: 23x50
Rice Paper Color: White
Item Number: 5126
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