Chinese Calligraphy Martial Arts Certificate

A custom designed Chinese calligraphy scroll featuring a translation of your guilds martial arts certificate. This is a hand written Chinese calligraphy scroll that features a translation of your guilds martial arts certificate and your logo and/or guild name at the top. Order 10 or more scrolls (same style, logo and certificate) and save up to 25-50% on your order, please contact us for a quote.

There are several different martial arts certificate calligraphy scroll styles to choose from. after ordering we will email or call you to discuss your options with you.

Scroll Size: Approximately 11x29 or 9x33 Inches.

We will help you choose the style and color combination that is best suited for your guild and then a scroll or scrolls will be custom designed according to your choices.

Your custom martial arts certificate may include the words to use on your certificate, name and degree of the receiver, date certificate will be awarded, name of guild leader and even your logo if it is a basic design.

Please allow up to two weeks for us to create your scroll, as the calligraphy must first be hand written, then mounted onto the scroll.

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