Chinese Calligraphy Name Scroll Painting - Large

A large Chinese calligraphy name scroll painting allowing you to have your name hand-written in Chinese symbols onto a traditional wall scroll. Large Chinese calligraphy name scroll painting available in many different wall scroll and paper color combinations. Custom silk and paper colors are offered for an extra fee and may require one or two extra days to have made.

This is a custom Chinese calligraphy name painting service allow you to have your name hand-written in Chinese characters and mounted onto a traditional Chinese calligraphy scroll.

Scroll Size: Size will vary depending on the number of characters in your name (see list below).

  • 11x24 Inches = 1 Character
  • 11x29 Inches = 2 Characters
  • 11x34 Inches = 3 Characters
  • 11x39 Inches = 4-5 Characters

How to Order a Chinese Calligraphy Name Scroll:

  1. Enter the name you want us to write.
  2. Select a rice paper color (white is standard).
  3. Select a wall scroll color.

Please Note: This is a custom service, which means the size of your Chinese calligraphy name scroll will vary depending on the number of characters required to write your name.

Additional Custom Options (Extra Fee):

  1. Rice Paper: In addition to plain white rice paper (standard) many other colors are available for additional fee.  You may select blue, yellow, peach (pastel colors), red or white rice paper, all of these colors include gold flakes on the paper.
  2. Wall Scroll Colors: You may choose from the custom silk colors listed, see the additional images to view the custom colors we offer for this Chinese calligraphy name scroll.
  3. Wood Rods: Wood rods are optional for this scroll and may be added to your name scroll by selecting that option. We may offer one or more colors or styles, if so the options will be clearly listed.

Not sure what type of scroll you want made?

If you have any questions you would like answered before we begin work on your Chinese calligraphy name scroll, feel free to call our toll-free number listed at the top of any page on this site. You may also email us by visiting the contact us page and filling out the form provided.

Available Options:

Enter a Name or Word :

Paper Color:


Wood Rods:

Scroll Color:


Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: View Size List Under Description Tab
Scroll Color: Select a Color - Some Colors Require Extra Fee
Painting Size: Varies According to Characters in Name
Rice Paper Color: See Paper Options Menu (Extra Fee)
Item Number: 1443-lrg

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