Chinese Confucius Symbol Calligraphy Painting

<p>This Chinese Confucius symbol calligraphy painting is a nice gift for anyone who appreciates Chinese art or culture. A traditional Chinese calligraphy painting of the character for Confucius. This Chinese Confucius symbol calligraphy proverb painting is a hand painted artwork by a professional Chinese artist.</p>

<p>Confucius (551BC-479BC) Spring and Autumn Period last stage thinker, educationalist, Confuciansim school of thought founder. Confucius's thought and the theory have had an extremely profound influence to later generations. Confucius taught people to be honest, optimistic upward, positive enterprising, the life pursue really, friendly, is being all beautiful, the life all pursue ideal society.</p>

Item Size/Details

Painting Size: 9x13 Inches
Silk Border Color: White
Overall Size: 12x16 Inches
Item Number: 2689

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