Chinese Dragon King Symbol Calligraphy Scroll

This Chinese calligraphy wall scroll features the Chinese symbols for Dragon King and measures approximately 11x29 Inches. The Dragon King scroll contains a scroll rod wrapped by silk brocade within the bottom to allow it to hang straight on your wall. Each calligraphy artist follows traditional principles, yet they develop their own unique style. Part of writing good calligraphy symbols is expression, so each artist seeks to express himself through his artworks. This Chinese Dragon King calligraphy symbol wall scroll was painted by a Beijing, China calligraphy artist named Xing Chen (Morning Star).

The Chinese dragon is a huge part of the identity and culture of China. The influence of dragons can be seen in art, music, literature, architecture and in the daily life of Chinese people. The origin of Chinese dragons is unknown, but the Chinese dragon certainly pre-dates written history.

Chinese mythology tells us the dragon is composed of nine animals, though there are differing opinions depending on the source we believe the following is a good general description of what a Chinese dragon is made of; a devils fiery eyes, a camels head, ears of an ox, deer's horns, serpents neck, eagle’s talons, tiger’s paws, frogs belly, carps scales and a long beard.

The Chinese dragon has very little in common with Western Dragons, which are often described as evil and creatures with violent tendencies. Chinese dragons are considered to be wise, beautiful and very auspicious. Chinese dragons are revered by Chinese people who will often refer to themselves as descendants of the dragon. The emperors of China and many other far east countries considered themselves to be dragons, and the people of China often believed that emperors could become dragons.

Everything relating to a Chinese Dragon is considered auspicious and in China the Year of the Dragon is a very good year in which to be born. Chinese people believe being born in the Year of the Dragon will bring you health, long life, and great success.

There are Nine Major Chinese dragons:

Horned Dragon
Homeless Dragon
Celestial Dragon
Spiritual Dragon
Winged Dragon
Yellow Dragon
Dragon of Hidden Treasures
Dragon of the Four Seas
Coiling Dragon

The First Dragon was said to have Nine Sons Named:

Haoxian - Reckless
Yazi - Valiant
Chiwen - Vain
Baxia - Loves Water
Pulao - Loud
Bixi - Endurance
Qiuniu - Loves Music
Suanmi - Loves Fire
Jiaotu - Quiet

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: 11x29 Inches
Scroll Color: Blue and White
Painting Size: 8x12 Inches
Rice Paper Color: White
Item Number: 0707

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