Chinese Dragon Symbol Scroll Calligraphy Painting

The Chinese Dragon Symbol Scroll Calligraphy Painting is a hand-painted art work by Chinese artist Xie Tian Hai. This Chinese symbol for Dragon calligraphy painting measures 7x22 inches and is made of silver colored Chinese silk brocade material. There is a scroll rod within the bottom of this artwork to make sure it hangs nicely on your wall. Place the dragon where it is facing your front door or behind your office desk as a symbol of power, and it will also keep evil from approaching.

The artist who painted the Chinese Dragon Symbol Scroll Calligraphy Painting is Xie Tian Hai (Thank, Sky, Sea), and he is under exclusive contract by Web Central Ltd., the parent company of the Chinese Calligraphy Store. This Chinese Dragon Symbol Scroll Painting is a great gift for dragon collectors. This is a unique gift and you can be sure the receiver will always remember who gave them this wonderful gift. In China the dragon is a symbol of luck, prosperity and it is said the Chinese dragon will protect those who display dragons in their home or office.

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: 7x23 Inches
Scroll Color: White
Item Number: 2159

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