Chinese Kung Fu Symbol Frame Scroll Calligraphy Painting

This tiny Kung Fu symbol Chinese Calligraphy Painting Frame Scroll measures about 8x9.5 inches and features the Chinese symbol for Kung Fu. We invented this style of "frame scroll" and it can only be found on this site. We call it a "frame scroll" because it is a small scroll but is made the same size as a frame would be for this calligraphy painting.

This new style of frame scroll is an innovation by the artisans who make scrolls exclusively for the Chinese Calligraphy Store. We created this type of scroll to make it easier to hang Chinese artworks in small spaces. This type of "frame scroll" cannot be found anywhere else online or offline. The Kung Fu symbol Calligraphy Painting Frame Scroll is hand-written on rice paper and has a gray silk brocade border.


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