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You can have almost anything you want translated into Chinese characters by ordering this Chinese translation service. This Chinese translation service is for people who want their name, a specific word or a short phrase translated from or to Chinese from English.

Chinese translations are not a perfect science so we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, however our Chinese translators have English degrees. They have studied both English and Chinese extensively, and will also collaborate with a native English speaker to insure you receive the best possible translation.

Please enter the name, word or short phrase you would like translated into the text box below and we will email the completed translation to you within three business days.

Please Note: Due to the design of the shopping cart system a shipping charge must be added to all orders. You may choose any shipping service you like, and though there will be no shipping, the type of shipping service you choose may at times reflect the speed at which your translation is delivered if we are very busy performing this service for other customers.

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