Chinese Poem Calligraphy Scroll Painting

The name of the poem written on this Chinese calligraphy wall scroll is a Through the Yang Zi Gorges. The following is the meaning of the poem written on this Chinese calligraphy scroll. To this day this is still a very popular poem written by the famous ancient Chinese poet Li Bai.

Set sail at dawn from Baidi town under a rosy sky,

Three hundreds miles down to Jiang Ling and back the same day.

The noisy chatter of monkeys from both banks followed us all the way

Lightly, our boat skipped past ten thousand green mountains away.

This art work was created by Beijing, China artist Xing Chen and is a 100 percent hand painted Chinese calligraphy painting measuring 9x33 inches.

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: 9x33 inches
Scroll Color: White
Rice Paper Color: White
Item Number: 3502
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