Chinese Snow Poem by Mao Ze Dong Calligraphy Scroll

The following is the meaning of the snow poem written on this Chinese calligraphy scroll painting. The snow poem was written by the former ruler of Chinese Mao Ze Dong, also known as Chairman Mao. North country scene: A hundred leagues locked in ice, A thousand leagues of whirling snow. Both side of the Great Wall One single white immensity. The Yellow River's swift current Is stilled from end to end. The mountains dance silver snakes And the highland charge like wax-hued elephants. Vying with heaven in stature. On a fine day, the land, Clad in white, adorned in red, Crows more enchanting.

This land so rich in beauty Has made countless heroes bow in homage. But alas! Qin Shihuang and Han Wudi Were lacking in literary grace, And Tang Taizong and Song Taizu Had little poetry in their souls; That proud son of Heaven, Genghis Khan, Knew only shooting eagles, bow outstretched. All are past and gone! For truly great men Look to this age alone. 

This Li Shu style Chinese snow poem calligraphy scroll painting was painted by a very talented Chinese Calligraphy artist named Zi Long. This art work is a 100 percent hand written Chinese calligraphy painting measuring 27x68 inches.

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: 27x68 inches
Scroll Color: White
Rice Paper Color: White
Item Number: 3523
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