Chinese FU Symbol Plum Blossoms Calligraphy Scroll

This is a new style of calligraphy scroll featuring the Chinese symbol for Fu on a brush painting of red plum blossoms. Fu means blessings or good fortune in Chinese culture, and plum blossoms are a symbol of vitality and also mean five Fu, or five auspicious (lucky) things. The receiver will remember you for the rest of their life when you give this gift of blessings, the Chinese symbol for Fu calligraphy scroll.

The combination of the Chinese symbol for Fu and red plum blossoms not only looks great, it is the best possible way to bless someone with a lot of good fortune. If someone you know is having a tough time right now why not give them this gift as a way of wishing them good luck?

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: 12x32 Inches
Scroll Color: White
Item Number: 5032

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