Colorful Chinese Fu Blessing Paper Cut Set

Paper cut is a Chinese art form approximately 2000 years old. Not long after the Chinese invented paper the first paper cuts appeared. Our Colorful Blessing or Fu Chinese paper cuts contain different animals or flowers, there are 10 paper cuts in this set and they are hand-made in China from a special rice paper and then hand painted with colored ink to enhance their appearance.

Chinese paper cuts are beautiful artworks cut from rice paper using scissors and a knife and each design is one solid piece of paper. These paper cuts are very suitable for framing or may be taped or glued to almost anything to add color and enhance the appearance of a room or item.

Paper cuts are also excellent for creating unique crafts, scrapbooks, picture albums, classroom projects or almost any other use you can imagine. These paper cuts are very detailed and will look great against any background.

Item Size/Details

Overall Size: About 3x4 to 4x4 Inches
Item Number: 0518

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