Complete Chinese Calligraphy Kit

This is a complete Chinese calligraphy kit designed to offer everything needed to begin writing right away and includes a calligraphy set, a set of 10 brushes, ink sticks, a beginners practice book with symbols you can paint using only water, and 25 sheets of rice paper in an ancient Chinese style calligraphy book designed for calligraphy writing.

The Rice paper book, the three very large brushes, and the high quality brushes that have been added to the set are all new additions to this Chinese calligraphy kit, which make it a much better value and more complete kit.

We replaced the 8 sheets of rice paper with this beautiful ancient Chinese style calligraphy book containing 25 sheets, the poor quality brushes in the set with a much nicer set of brushes and the small brush set with an extra large three brush set for writing large characters.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to have your seal carved in order to seal your artworks. This Set DOES NOT include a carved seal, a carved seal is optional and may be added to this set by selecting the option from the drop down list below.

There is an additional fee for carving the seal and it will take 14-21 days to have the seal carved for you by a professional. In most cases the kit will be shipped and delivered much sooner, and the seal will arrive in two to three weeks.

Here is what you get in this feature packed Chinese Calligraphy Kit:

1) Large Calligraphy Set

2) Set of 3 Extra Large Calligraphy Brushes

3) Seven Colors Chinese Calligraphy Ink Sticks

4) Chinese Everlasting Practice Paper Book with Symbols

5) Chinese Rice Paper Book, 25 Sheets - 6.25x10.25 Inches

Individual Description of Each Item in this Kit

Large Calligraphy Set

This is an excellent large Chinese calligraphy set for anyone who would like to practice or is already skilled at Chinese brush painting or calligraphy. The gift box measures 11x7.5 inches.

This calligraphy set includes six brushes, ink stone or "Ink well", ink stick, a porcelain water dish, spoon shaped mixer, a seal or "chop", paper weight to hold the rice paper down while painting, porcelain brush rest and a porcelain container of red seal ink for sealing your finished calligraphy paintings.

If you would like to have your seal carved at a later date you may be able to do it yourself, but you will need a lot of patience, a good translation of your name and/or a good book on seal carving.

Set of Three Large Calligraphy Brushes

Set of three very large Chinese calligraphy brushes used to for painting Chinese calligraphy symbols on rice paper. There are three different types and sizes included in this set, the white brush is a soft art brush made of sheep hair. The largest brush is 10.5 inches long with a tip that is 3 inches long and .75 inches wide.

These Chinese calligraphy brushes are designed to produce excellent brush strokes suitable for writing calligraphy. The size of the brush dictates the size of the calligraphy symbol you will be painting, so we have added these large calligraphy brushes to provide you with a variety of sizes so that you may practice painting different sizes and styles of Chinese characters.

Seven Colors Chinese Calligraphy Ink Sticks

This set features 7 large sized colored ink sticks suitable for Chinese calligraphy painting and watercolor painting. There is a dragon featured on each ink stick and each measures approximately 3x.75x.35 inches. Chinese ink sticks have been used for thousands of years to create ink for calligraphy and watercolor paintings.

Though bottled ink has become very popular in recent years the traditional ink stick is still a favorite for several reasons, one is because it has an unlimited shelf life, and can be used for many years without any problems. Another reason is it's easy portability, these ink sticks won't spill, burst, break or suffer any of the fates that befall liquid inks.

To use the ink sticks you simply add a little water to an ink well and rub the ink stick on the bottom until the desired amount of ink has been released. Continue to mix the ink until it is smooth and ready for use, the resulting ink is a high quality ink excellent for both calligraphy and watercolor painting styles.

Chinese Everlasting Practice Paper Book

This is an everlasting practice book, and the paper inside is used to practice calligraphy painting using only water. Each sheet of practice paper has popular Chinese symbols on it to aid your practice.

Our practice paper book is quality a quality calligraphy book and can be used many times before you will need a new book. This practice book was made in China and is suitable for both professional artists and beginners.

Chinese Rice Paper Book, 25 Sheets - 6.25x10.25 Inches

Each sheet of rice paper has a usable width of approximately 5 inches. Our Chinese rice paper book contains high quality paper made for calligraphy painting. This rice paper book will provide excellent results for creating calligraphy paintings.

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