Complete Large Chinese Calligraphy Kit

This large Chinese calligraphy kit includes more of everything offered in our other kit. Our large calligraphy kit includes more rice paper, brushes and ink sticks. A premium quality, value priced complete Chinese calligraphy kit offering everything you need to begin writing Chinese calligraphy characters on rice paper. The items in this kit have been carefully chosen and include all of the items listed below. The highlights of this set are a large Chinese calligraphy set, premium quality large Chinese art brush set and fifteen colored ink sticks.

PLEASE NOTE: This Set DOES NOT include a carved seal, however a carved seal may be easily added to this calligraphy kit by selecting the seal carving option from the drop down list below. There is an additional fee for carving the seal and there will be a delay in delivery of the seal while we have the seal carved for you by a professional. The carved seal will arrive in 14-21 days.

Included in the Premium Chinese Calligraphy Kit:

1) Complete Large Chinese Calligraphy Set

2) Set of 10 Calligraphy Brushes, 5 Sizes and Two Types

3) Premium Quality Set of Five Large Chinese Art Brushes

4) Fifteen Colors of Chinese Calligraphy Ink Sticks

5) Four Medium Sizes Black Ink Sticks

6) Everlasting Practice Paper Book with Chinese Symbols

7) Chinese Rice Paper Book, 25 Sheets - 6.25x10.25 Inches

8) Fifty 8x10 Inch Sheets of Chinese Rice Paper


Individual Description of Each Item in this Kit

Large Calligraphy Set

This is an excellent large Chinese calligraphy set for anyone who would like to practice or is already skilled at Chinese brush painting or calligraphy. The gift box measures 11x7.5 inches.

  • This calligraphy set includes six brushes
  • Ink stone or "Ink well"
  • Black ink stick
  • Porcelain water dish
  • Spoon shaped mixer
  • Medium size Chinese seal or "chop"
  • paper weight to hold the rice paper down
  • Porcelain brush rest
  • Porcelain container of red seal ink

Set of Ten Large Calligraphy Brushes

This set of ten Chinese calligraphy brushes is suitable for painting Chinese calligraphy symbols on rice paper. There are two types and five sizes in this set, the white brushes are made of sheep hair, which makes a softer brush tip.

Set of Five Large Premium Chinese Art Brushes

The size of the Chinese art brush will often dictate the size of the calligraphy characters you write, so we have included a variety of sizes in this calligraphy kit to insure you have everything you need to learn Chinese calligraphy painting.

Fifteen Colors Chinese Calligraphy Ink Sticks

Fifteen small colored ink sticks suitable for calligraphy painting or Chinese watercolor painting.

Four Black Chinese Calligraphy Ink Sticks

Four medium size black ink sticks suitable for creating Chinese calligraphy paintings.

Chinese Everlasting Practice Paper Book

What is an everlasting calligraphy practice book? The "everlasting practice book" uses a special paper that allows you to write Chinese characters using only water. Each sheet of practice paper in this book contains popular Chinese characters, just "paint" the characters in this calligraphy practice book to learn Chinese writing.

Ancient Chinese Rice Paper Book Containing 25 Sheets

This calligraphy book measures 6.25x10.25 Inches and each sheet of rice paper has a usable width of approximately 5 inches.

Chinese Rice Paper - Fifty 8x10 Sheets

This is the same quality Chinese rice paper used to create many of the calligraphy paintings listed on this site.



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