Custom Chinese Calligraphy Name, Word or Phrase Scroll

A custom Chinese calligraphy service allowing you to have your name, a word or phrase written in Chinese symbols and on a traditional scroll. We can create a custom Chinese calligraphy scroll containing the words or phrase you want. This Chinese custom calligraphy service is for people who want their name or a specific word or short phrase painted in Chinese calligraphy symbols on an 11x29 or 9x33 inch scroll (size will depend on translation and artists professional opinion of layout).

The Chinese calligraphy scroll painting on the right is an example of what we can create for you. This scroll features a large symbol for love, with the names of two people underneath stating "Name" loves "Name" forever.

Enter the words/words you want written in the text box below. If you want a scroll similar to the one shown just provide us a description as follows; Large Word = Love, Small Words = Joe loves Sue forever.

Please Note: The scroll shown is only an example, you may request virtually anything you want to be written, including your name, an idiom or phrase.

Custom Chinese Calligraphy Scroll Painting

Service is limited to EIGHT large words/symbols, though it may include up to 24 smaller symbols if you choose to have only one large word as in the painting shown. If you would like more words then you will need to order one of our other services.

This is a custom calligraphy scroll design service, and as such there will be variations in the design and layout of your scroll depending on the translation of your name or phrase.

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