Custom Chinese Calligraphy Poem or Phrase Wall Scroll

This custom Chinese calligraphy scroll design service is for people who want their full name, a poem or a long phrase written in Chinese calligraphy symbols on a large scroll. The exact size of the scroll will be determined by the number of words you want to be written (up to 27x70 inches). Yes, that's right! We can create this HUGE custom Chinese calligraphy scroll for you for for the low price offered in this listing.

Enter the words, poem or phrase you would like written on your Chinese calligraphy scroll in the text box below.

If you would like to have your full name, a poem, a long-phrase or just about anything else you can imagine written in Chinese calligraphy symbols, this service is for you. This Chinese calligraphy scroll design service is limited to 50 words (We are flexible if it is a little longer). If you need us to write more words then you will need to contact us before ordering for a custom quote.

This service is a custom calligraphy service, and as such there will be variations in the design and layout of your scroll depending on the translation of your name, poem or phrase.

The number of words required to write your painting will determine the size of the Chinese symbols written on the calligraphy scroll, fewer words will equal larger symbols, more words will mean smaller symbols.

Available Options:

Enter Poem or Phrase :
Up to 250 Characters

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: Up to 27x70 Inches
Scroll Color: Custom Color/Colors Available
Painting Size: According to Scroll Size
Rice Paper Color: White - Other Colors Optional
Item Number: 0370-50-word

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