Custom Medium Chinese Calligraphy Set

Custom Chinese calligraphy set in a beautiful gift box, order one for yourself or a child who is an aspiring artist. This is a medium Chinese calligraphy set that includes a carved Chinese seal stone. The Chinese seal will be carved with the name or word you enter in the text box below the options tab. Please do not forget to enter your name or a word you would like to have carved on your seal.

PLEASE NOTE: This calligraphy set includes a carved seal. Enter the name or word you would like carved in the text box below. The seal will be carved for you by a professional artisan and arrive separately in 14-21 days.

If you would like we can even give you a Chinese name, just mention this option and we will carve your seal with a meaningful Chinese name and enclose the meaning of your name in this custom Chinese calligraphy set.

A great medium size calligraphy set for anyone who is interested in learning Chinese brush painting or calligraphy. The gift box measures 8.5x5.5 inches. This Chinese calligraphy set includes two brushes, ink stone or "Ink well", ink stick, a porcelain water dish, spoon shaped mixer, a seal or "chop", along with a porcelain brush rest and a porcelain container of red seal ink for sealing your finished calligraphy paintings.

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