Dragon Phoenix Chinese Seal Carving Set

The Chinese seals in this set feature a dragon on one of the seals and a phoenix on the other. The dragon and phoenix are predestined mates, so the meaning of this set makes it a great gift for a couple. Let the love of your life know that your union was destiny and that you have put a lot of thought into finding them a unique gift that will last a lifetime.

This Chinese seal set includes carving both seal stones. Simply by entering the names or you want carved on your seal stones in the text box below this listing. Please specify D for Dragon and P for Phoenix as D John and P Mary.

When you order this Chinese seal carving set we will carve the name of a man on the dragon seal and a woman on the phoenix seal. To use these seals you will also need to purchase a porcelain container of our Red Chinese Seal Ink.

These seals are great for sealing artworks AND:

  • Letters - If you and your partner are living apart you can each use your personal seal to seal your love letters, what a great way to remind each other your relationship was predestined.
  • Business cards - Step outside the box, show your business contacts you have a little cultural flair, not to mention good taste. For business use you can have something other than your named carved on a seal, for example you may have a short phrase or idiom carved, like "Horses Come Bring Success" or just about anything else you want carved.

To have your Chinese Dragon and Phoenix seal stones carved be sure to enter the names you want craved in the text box by clicking the "Options" tab above.

The seals will be carved for you by a professional artisan and arrive in 14-21 days.

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