The Chinese Calligraphy Store is an online art gallery offering a large collection of paintings, wall scrolls and related artworks. Hand-written calligraphy paintings and wall scrolls acquired directly from talented artists in China are added to this site often. We work hard to provide our valued customers with fine art from China at a reasonable price.

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If you don't see the Chinese calligraphy symbol painting you are looking for listed here in our art gallery, you may contact us to order a custom designed artwork and we will have one of our talented artists paint it for you and have it made into a scroll or prepare it to be framed by your local frame store. Please have a look around our site to view our products, sign up for an account, review the items we offer or send us comments to let us know how we can improve our Web site or services.

Chinese Calligraphy Store Categories

These are the top level categories in our gallery, most of these categories contain sub-categories that will display links deeper into the art gallery. If you are having trouble browsing this site please try a search to find specific Chinese symbol products much faster.

Chinese Calligraphy Scrolls - This category lists many different types of Chinese calligraphy wall scrolls featuring popular Chinese symbols. These hand painted Chinese calligraphy scroll paintings are available in many sizes and colors to suit the decor of any home or office.

Chinese Calligraphy Paintings - Chinese calligraphy paintings featuring popular Chinese symbols available in many sizes and ready to be framed by you or your local frame store. Some of these paintings have been prepared for framing already, if not for a small fee our artisans can prepare them for framing by applying an extra thick sheet of rice paper backing.

Xie Tian Hai Chinese Calligraphy Paintings - The Chinese calligraphy paintings in this category were all painted by Beijing, China artist Xie Tian Hai and are offered exclusively by the parent company of The Chinese Calligraphy Store. This artist also provides custom name painting services for a very low price, also only for this site. Xie Tian Hai calligraphy paintings are offered by no other company in the world, we have an exclusive contract with this artist.

Chinese Calligraphy Supplies - Our Chinese calligraphy supplies category lists everything you will need to create your own calligraphy paintings. The Chinese calligraphy supplies listed here are suitable for beginners and experts, and will produce excellent results for both.

Chinese Calligraphy Prints - This website lists only original Chinese calligraphy art, which are available as wall scrolls or paintings suitable for framing. We do not list any prints on this site as people in China believe only original calligraphy artworks have "life" and a personal character that can only be captured in the original writing.

Chinese Calligraphy Fans - All of the Chinese fans listed on our site feature calligraphy symbols and some are also feature Chinese paintings. These calligraphy fans are available in many different sizes, types and colors to suit an decor.

Chinese Calligraphy Items - Our Chinese calligraphy items category includes home decor, clothing, accessories, jewelry and Chinese paper cuts featuring many popular Chinese calligraphy symbols.

Chinese Calligraphy Services - Our custom Chinese calligraphy services allow you to have your name, a word, phrase or poem translated into Chinese symbols and then made into a painting or traditional wall scroll.

About The Chinese Calligraphy Store Art Gallery

The Chinese Calligraphy Store is a Division of the American company Dragon Artworks LLC., which has been in business since 1998. We are and have always been dedicated to providing our customers with high quality products and low prices. This art gallery lists Chinese calligraphy paintings and artworks containing calligraphy symbols. These artworks are created by skilled artists and artisans from China. We also list jewelry, decor and other items featuring Chinese symbols.

If you would like to order a specific Chinese calligraphy symbol or wholesale quantities of items whether they are listed on this site or not, please contact us for pricing information, shipping costs and product availability.

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