Large Carved Seal and Red Seal Ink

This beautiful Chinese seal carving set will be professionally carved with the name you provide by entering your name in the text box below. The carved seal is usually delivered within 14-21 days. This Chinese seal stone kit contains red Chinese seal ink in a porcelain container and an auspicious dragon or phoenix stone packaged in a beautiful gold tone silk brocade box.

Please do not forget to provide us with the name or word you would like to have carved on your seal, and also select the style (Yin or Yang see picture).

The Chinese seal kit includes a carved seal and porcelain container of red seal ink. This kit measures 5x4 inches and features a Chinese dragon on the top of the porcelain container, and a dragon or phoenix sitting atop the Chinese seal stone.

It comes nicely packaged in a gold tone Chinese gift box and makes a great gift for anyone who appreciates Chinese art. The Chinese have been using seals for thousands of years to "sign" calligraphy and watercolor paintings, and just about anything else you can imagine. Seals may contain the name of an artist, business, family or government agency just to name a few.

The Chinese seal almost everything, from taxi receipts to restaurant bills. If you travel to China you will surely notice that nearly everything you buy or receive will be sealed in some manner. Now you can use seals to "sign" your name and you can also buy additional seals to add a personal touch to paintings, writings and for any other purpose you like.

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