Large Chinese Calligraphy Ink Stick

This is a large size calligraphy ink stick suitable for Chinese calligraphy painting, it has a dragon and phoenix wrapped around the ink stick and measures approximately 6x.75x.6 inches. This large Chinese ink stick will create a lot of ink, and unlike bottled ink it has a virtually unlimited shelf life.

Chinese ink sticks have been used for many centuries create ink for calligraphy and watercolor paintings. Though bottled ink has become very popular in recent years the traditional ink stick is still a favorite for several reasons, one is because it has an unlimited shelf life, and can be used for many years without any problems.

Another reason the ink stick is still popular is portability, these ink sticks won't spill, burst, break or suffer any of the fates that befall liquid inks.

Using the Ink Stick:

To use this ink stick simply add a little water to an ink well (ink stone) and rub the ink stick on the bottom until the desired amount of ink has been released. Continue to mix the ink until it is smooth and ready for use. The resulting ink is excellent for both calligraphy and watercolor painting styles.

Item Size/Details

Overall Size: 6x.75x.6 Inch
Item Number: 0343

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