My Name in Chinese Calligraphy Scroll Painting

The my name in Chinese calligraphy scroll painting allows you to have your name written in Chinese calligraphy symbols and mounted onto a traditional Chinese wall scroll. One of the most common questions we are asked is "can you paint my name in Chinese calligraphy symbols?" The answer is YES!

This Chinese name writing calligraphy painting service offers you the opportunity to have your name translated in to Chinese and written in Chinese calligraphy symbols on a piece of rice paper.

The calligraphy painting will be mounted onto a Chinese wall scroll (size varies depending on the number of characters in your name). The most common sizes are 6x18 and 6x23 inches.

How to Order a Calligraphy Name Scroll:

  1. Enter the Name/Word
  2. Select a Rice Paper Color
  3. Select a Wall Scroll Color

YOU MUST choose both the scroll and paper color for both your Chinese calligraphy name painting and scroll from the drop down list under the options tab or you will receive the "Standard" colors, which are plain white rice paper on a white wall scroll.

The Chinese calligraphy name painting examples shown in this listing are the names Danny Boy on the white scroll and Yulia on the blue and white scroll. These Chinese name paintings are painted on a sheet of white rice paper, but you may choose the color of rice paper want your name to be written on.

You may select blue, yellow, peach, red or white rice paper with gold flakes. Of course we also offer plain white rice paper, which is listed as "Standard" in the drop down list. The "white" selection in the drop down list is actually white with gold flakes.

Please Note: The "My Name in Chinese Scroll Painting" is a custom service, and as such there will be slight variations in the design and layout of each calligraphy scroll painting.

For uncommon names we may need to use the original name, which your name was derived from. For example, Jamie is derived from the Greek name James. Many uncommon names do not translate well into Chinese, so we use the name it was derived from to insure your name is translated correctly and that our artist will create the my name in Chinese scroll painting using the best possible form of your name.

Available Options:

Enter a Name or Word :

Paper Color:

Scroll Color:

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: Size Varies According to Characters in Name
Scroll Color: See Color Options Menu
Painting Size: 4x4 to 5x10 Inches
Rice Paper Color: See Paper Options Menu
Item Number: 1443b

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