My Name in Chinese Symbols Calligraphy Painting

The my name in Chinese symbols calligraphy painting is a custom calligraphy service allowing you to have your name written in Chinese calligraphy symbols. Have your name translated into Chinese and written in Chinese calligraphy symbols. The finished Chinese calligraphy painting will be mounted and prepared for framing, and will include a silk brocade border.

This custom service is designed for our customers who ask us; "can you paint my name in Chinese symbols?" The answer to this question is YES!

  • 8x10 Inches = 20.5x25.5 cm (1-2 Characters)
  • 6x12 Inches = 15.5x30.5 cm (3-5 Characters)

How to Get Started:

  1. Select a Rice Paper Color
  2. Select the Silk Border Color
  3. Enter a Name to Write

YOU MUST select the appropriate color options for your "my name in Chinese symbols" painting from the drop down menu below or you will receive a name painting on white rice paper with a white silk border.

We offer rice paper with gold flakes in the colors blue, yellow, peach, red or white. You may also choose a plain white rice paper for your my name in Chinese symbols calligraphy painting by choosing the "standard" option.

Please Note: If your name is uncommon we will use the common form your name was derived from. Some very uncommon names do not translate well, this is why we choose to use the name these uncommon names was derived from.

By doing this we can insure your name is translated correctly and that our artist will create the "my name in Chinese symbols" calligraphy painting using the proper name.

Available Options:

Enter a Name or Word :

Paper Color:

Silk Border Color:


Item Size/Details

Rice Paper Color: See Paper Options Menu
Silk Border Color: See Silk Border Color Options
Overall Size: 8x10 or 6x12 Inches
Item Number: 1443

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