Premium Set of Large Chinese Calligraphy Brushes

A set of five high quality Chinese calligraphy brushes for painting Chinese calligraphy characters, watercolor paintings or any other artworks on rice paper or other mediums. There are five large Chinese brushes in this set, and each is made using a different type of animal hair, which will produce a slightly different effect in your artworks.

This Chinese calligraphy brush set comes packaged in a fan top gift box and make excellent an excellent gift for artists or people who appreciate Asian decor. The handles in this set are made of horns, which makes them not only beautiful but a high quality natural brush handle that will not warp over time.

Brush Size and Bristle Hairs

The largest calligraphy brush in this set measures 12.25 inches long with a tip measuring 2 3/4 x 11/16 inches. The all natural hair bristles are made of sheep, bear, wolf and mixtures of these three natural hairs.

Item Size/Details

Item Number: 2648

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