Virtue is The Key to Happiness Chinese Calligraphy Scroll

Inspirational Chinese calligraphy scroll reminding us that virtue is the key to true happiness. This calligraphy scroll painting is the best possible reminder that if you are virtuous, you can find true happiness.
 Written by a master calligrapher this Chinese calligraphy painting of the character virtue has been expertly mounted onto a museum quality Chinese calligraphy scroll.
 The small words written on this calligraphy painting mean virtue is the root of treasures and longevity. This famous proverb is meant to remind us if you really want to be happy in life you must cultivate virtue within.
 The Chinese character for virtue is “de ?.”

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: 19x56 Inches
Scroll Color: Copper/White
Painting Size: 19x19 Inches
Item Number: a993
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