Our custom Chinese calligraphy services offer you the opportunity to have your name, a poem, phrase or virtually any other words translated into Chinese and made into a work of art.  We will have one of our fine artists paint your calligraphy painting for you and we can even have it made into a wall scroll or prepare it to be framed by your local frame shop.

The Chinese Calligraphy Store offers a wide variety of other custom services at very reasonable prices. You may follow the links below to visit some of the product pages offering custom Chinese calligraphy name paintings, blank wall scrolls and seal carving services.

Chinese Calligraphy Names -  Have your name hand-written in Chinese calligraphy characters and mounted onto a wall scroll or made into a painting that is ready to frame. There are many different sizes and color options to choose from allowing you to order a completely customized and personalized scroll or painting. Chinese Calligraphy Writing Services Chinese Calligraphy Writing Services - Several different services are available, for a more customized service feel free to call us or send us an email via the contact us page. View Examples of Custom Chinese Calligraphy Scroll Paintings We Created. Blank Wall Scrolls Visit BlankWallScrolls.com - to order blank wall scrolls, they are available in many different sizes, colors and styles. Custom scrolls can be made upon request. Chinese Calligraphy Sets Order Chinese Calligraphy Sets from this site or visit ChineseCalligraphySets.com, another site we own that offers additional Chinese calligraphy sets and kits that are not listed here at ChineseCalligraphyStore.com. Chinese Calligraphy Seals Chinese Seal Carving Services that are packaged in gift boxes with a special red ink used to seal finished artworks, letters and more. All seals are carved in ancient seal script by professional artisans. Master seal carving service is also available, allowing you to have a seal carved by one of the most famous seal carvers in the world.    

If you are looking for Chinese art, supplies or related products please be sure to visit DragonArtworks.net to view our other Chinese Art and jade jewelry websites. All of the sites listed are owned and operated by the same company who owns this Website, we never send our customers to sites owned by other companies.

If you have a special request please feel free to give us a call. We are happy to provide you with personal customer service in order to help you create a special gift or artwork for your own personal use.


Custom Calligraphy Writing Services Offered

The Chinese Calligraphy store offers some of our custom calligraphy services at a set price, these services have a limit on the number of words which will be painted at a given price.  The services are designed to allow you to order high quality, custom Chinese calligraphy scrolls and/or paintings at a very reasonable price.  We currently offer several fixed price custom Chinese Calligraphy Writing Services.

To order custom Chinese calligraphy services select from the option available below:

The size of the scroll or painting will vary depending on the number of words you require and the translation of those words into Chinese characters.  We offer translation services if you would like to have an idea what your painting will look like before our calligraphy artist begins painting your artwork.


Who Will Paint Your Custom Chinese Calligraphy Painting?

Your calligraphy painting will be painted by Beijing, China artist Xie Tian Hai.  Many of the scrolls and paintings listed on this site were painted by Xie Tian Hai and can give you a good idea of how your finished scroll or painting will look.

In Chinese Xie Tian Hai means "Thank, Sky and Sea" and we are thankful this artist is available to write Chinese calligraphy for our customers. We are proud to offer the Chinese calligraphy services of Xie Tian Hai to our customers and we are certain you will be more than satisfied with the artwork which is created for you.

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