Buddha Calligraphy Symbol Chinese Painting

Be remembered for the gift you gave this year, give them the Buddha calligraphy painting. This is traditional Chinese calligraphy painting of the character for Buddha. Buddha's original meaning is Saints and Sages, now Buddha is treated as in person' heart that good and happy part. Buddha is these has big wisdom, thoroughly understands the affair, the unique life and death, the moral character noble person.

Buddha's heart is noble and pure, care nothing about success and failure, so pray Buddha should be very godliness. This Chinese calligraphy painting was made with white silk brocade material, which provides a beautiful contrast to the calligraphy painting. The Buddha symbol Chinese calligraphy painting is ready to frame.

This Buddha calligraphy symbol Chinese painting measures 12x16 inches.

Item Size/Details

Painting Size: 9x13 Inches
Silk Border Color: White
Overall Size: 12x16 Inches
Item Number: 2688

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