Chinese Ancient Poem Calligraphy Scroll

A Chinese poem calligraphy. The name of this ancient Chinese poem calligraphy scroll painting means Seventh Lunar Month.

The following is this Chinese snow poem calligraphy scrolls meanings.

Just heard goose's cry to take their long journey to south, the cicada calls already goes into hiding.

I mount hundred feet tall buildings, look out into the distance, the water and sky company becomes a piece

The frost god blue female and middle of the month Chang E does not fear coldly.

Struggles in the cold month cold cream beautifully fights smartly, compares as pure as driven snow is happy apperance.

This art work was created by Beijing, China artist Yu Ren Ren Gong and is a 100 percent hand painted Chinese calligraphy painting mounted onto a wall scroll measuring 27x68 inches.

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: 27x68 inches
Scroll Color: White
Rice Paper Color: White
Item Number: 3524

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