Chinese Buddha Sutra Symbols Calligraphy Painting

A Chinese Buddha Sutra calligraphy painting is the best gift to give someone who is on a journey of self improvement. Chinese Buddha Sutra symbols calligraphy painting of characters from Buddhist literature, specifically the Buddha Heart Sutra, which is one of the Buddhism classics and offers a brief view of Buddist wisdom.

Please Note:  This painting is on rice paper only, and needs to be mounted before framing. We will do this for free if you contact us after ordering to let us know if you want it mounted with or without a silk brocade border. Without a border it will be 18x12 inches, with it will be 24x18 inches. We recommend "Buddha Yellow" but you may choose white silk if you like.

Buddha Heart Sutra

People study Buddhist literature to obtain five strengths: physical strength, intelligence, supernatural power, faith and strength in meditation. The heart sutra is one of the most famous in Ancient China, and you can find much more information by doing a Buddha Heart Sutra search on Google.

Buddha Heart Sutra Scrolls

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This Chinese Buddha sutra symbols calligraphy painting measures 18x12 inches.

Item Size/Details

Painting Size: 18x12 Inches
Rice Paper Color: White
Item Number: 4549

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