Chinese Tiger Eyes Covetously Calligraphy Painting

This painting depicts the Chinese characters for "tiger eyes covetously" and is mounted onto a traditional horizontal scroll. The Chinese characters for tiger eyes covetously calligraphy painting is an art work created by Beijing, China artist Xie Tian Hai. This is a large 100 percent hand painted Chinese calligraphy painting measuring 15 x 48 inches.

The small characters on the left side of this calligraphy painting are the name of the artist, the name of the season and the year in which it was painted. A silk brocade material used to make this scroll is a beautiful yellow color, which really highlights the Chinese characters on the calligraphy painting.

The message on this Chinese calligraphy scroll painting is that the tiger eyes covetously, and is a warning to us to beware of people having strong a desire to get something, because the tiger always gets what it wants by force and that may be the end for you.

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: 15 x 48 inches
Item Number: 2278
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