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Have a Chinese seal carved by a Master artisan, who can carve your name or a favorite word on a Chinese seal stone. You may choose from a variety of popular carving styles. This listing offers the Chinese seal carving services of a master seal carver, who will carve you a seal that is in itself a beautiful work of art, which will add to the beauty of any artwork or item you seal with it. The cost for carving each seal depends on the type of stone used to create the Chinese seal carving, and the number of Chinese characters to be carved on the stone.

You may have your seal carved in either the Yin or Yang carving style. If this is your first seal then normally you would want to go with the Yin style. However, this is up to you, we will carve either style upon request.

This Chinese seal carving service includes the Large Chinese Seal Carving and Red Seal Ink Kit, which contains a Chinese seal and red seal ink in a porcelain container.

Enter the name or word you would like carved on the seal, and also select the style (Yin or Yang see picture). The name or word you enter in the text box below will be translated into Chinese and carved onto the seal stone. The seal will be carved for you by a professional artisan and arrive in 14-21 days

The price listed for the Chinese seal carving service on this page is for carving up to four characters on the seal offered in this listing. A typical first or last name will translate into 1-5 characters, so please enter only your first or last name or a single word unless you are sure the translation of your name/words will not exceed four characters.

Already Have a Chinese Seal Carving Stone?

If you already have a Chinese seal carving stone and you would like to have it carved by our Master seal carver you may contact us for pricing information. We will require you to send us the seal for carving.

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