Calligraphy Brush Set of Nine Brushes

Chinese calligraphy brush set includes nine wolf hair bristle art brushes, each brush is a different size, offering a nice variety for writing different sized characters. Set of Nine Brushes Chinese calligraphy brushes used to for painting Chinese calligraphy symbols on rice paper. There are nine brush sizes included in this set.

Because the size of the brush in part will dictate the size of the calligraphy symbol you will be painting it is very helpful to have a variety of sizes so that you may practice writing different Chinese character sizes.

Size and Hair

The size of largest brush in set is 11.5 inches, with a tip .7 inches wide and 3 inches long. The bristles are made of wolf hair, which is a fairly stiff bristle for controlled writing.

Item Size/Details

Item Number: 3469

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