100 Chinese Blessing Symbols Calligraphy Scroll Painting

A Chinese calligraphy scroll containing one hundred Chinese symbols for blessing written on a special rice paper containing the image of dragons.  The red Chinese 100 blessings symbols calligraphy scroll painting is NOT a print, this is a hand-painted artwork. It is extremely difficult to create scrolls like the 100 Chinese symbols for blessing calligraphy scroll, as each of the one hundred symbols must be written perfectly.

If you would like bless someone with luck, health, wealth and positive energy then this is the best possible gift you can gift them. Wish someone 100 Fu or blessings by giving them this wall scroll that will bestow good fortune to anyone who displays it.

This large Chinese calligraphy scroll measures 27x70 inches.

Item Size/Details

Wall Scroll Size: 27x70 inches
Scroll Color: Yellow
Rice Paper Color: Red
Item Number: 5772

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